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In a world where legal processes are generally expensive, time-consuming, and intimidating for businesses , Lawyered Up is a new digital platform to make it easier for Startups and SMMEs to get access to legal help from anywhere in the world.

Entrepreneurs Matter. We are the legal consultancy for start-ups, scale-ups and the entrepreneurially spirited.

Serisha Barrat

CEO and Founder

"We adore being a part of the thriving startup scene. Lawyered Up is a start-up and is currently scaling up, so we understand the challenges that our start-up customers will face and the value of providing straightforward, practical advice. Our goal is to make the life of entrepreneurs simpler. When it comes to start-up customers, ambition frequently exceeds money, and we thrive at giving legal advice that is on brief, on budget, and on time. Our consultants can help you arrange your trip effectively with sound legal guidance from the very beginning because they have experience in long-term landscaping"


Smart Contracts

By having contract execution automated, transaction costs and dependencies on the other party's performance can be reduced.

Digital Signatures

Electronic signature. Verifying the authenticity of a legal documents.

Virtual General Counsel

Serving Entrepreneurs, Startups, Established Businesses. We work hard to offer innovative new startups and emerging businesses full-service, lifecycle support online.

Vetted Lawyer Directory.

Vetted and verified attorney database.

GBV Legal Assistance

GBV is a huge concern in Africa; from a positive socio-economic impact Lawyered Up runs a GBV probono program with 2% of revenue going towards GBV legal assistance. Lawyered Up clients and GBV victims also has a technology partner called Athena that provides a panic button and AI dashboard tracking.

Start-Up Packages

Flexible pricing model that is more appropriate for VC legal work and startups. We provide flat prices and monthly subscriptions as alternatives to customary hourly invoicing.

About Our Legal Consultancy and Start-Up

We provide legal services and direction to start-ups, SMMEs and expanding enterprises, who may require assistance in formulating their company’s future plans. Companies encounter distinct demands and difficulties at various times. Depending on where you are in the lifecycle of your business and start-up, we provide different degrees of assistance and different solutions to support your businesses. You will have a wide range of alternatives available to you as a startup, and each one has distinct legal requirements and ramifications.

Our Pricing for Start-Up Packages

Simple, applicable advice to make entrepreneurs' lives easier.

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