Serving Entrepreneurs, Startups, Established Businesses.We work hard to offer innovative new startups and emerging businesses full-service, lifecycle support. Large, well-established businesses have teams of internal startup lawyers, marketing specialists, and board members to provide direction. While startups frequently lack the funds for all of those services, they do have similar demands. We step in to help with it. To free up our clients’ time to concentrate on their business goals and objectives, we handle the legal side of things as well as promote marketing opportunities and engagements, offer financing and board guidance, and even assist with the acquisition of your firm. We provide clients long-term, cradle to grave business solutions.

Why Lawyered Up

Lawyered Up is a legal consultancy and not a legal practice registered with any law society in terms of the Attorneys Act 53 of 1979, as amended. Our Attorneys are practicing Attorneys with Fidelity Fund Certificates issued by the Legal Practice Council, which ensures that we maintain the highest professional and ethical standards and that you are duly protected. Legal Fees Made Simple We offer monthly subscription-based payment plans so you don’t have to worry about racking up a huge bill when you need to talk to us. The price is based on your annual revenue so you can afford us no matter what stage your company is at. Get that peace of mind knowing you have access to us without the unexpected fees. Never be afraid to email or call your lawyer again.

Our repertoire contains a full range of legal services for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and investment funds.







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